Cnd Schools


Thank you for your interest in applying to CND Schools  ! Please be sure to read through the information on this page, which will answer questions you many have regarding the application process and timeline.

Application dates : December - September

Reregistration dates: December – March

Application  dates for 2nd semester: December - January

Please note :

* There is a limited quota , please ask if there is an available place before applying . You can contact us through 

Whatsapp +90 5525400223 or live chat .

*Tours and interviews are available from Monday -Saturday  from 9:00-17:00 . Before visiting please get an appointment .

International & Dual Nationality Students

Dear applicant, before submitting your application please follow the steps below:

STEP 1 : 

Fill out the Online Application form


For primary, secondary school and / or high school submit a copy of your transcript of records required scores (in English or Turkish) For kindergarten no transcript  records are needed. 

Copy of the students Passport

Letter of Motivation (The motivation letter should include the students future plans and information about him or herself. The letter should be written in English. )

Any language proficiency exam results or certificates ( if available )  if not you will have to enter our online interview through Zoom or Skype. 

Please email the the above documents to

STEP 3 :

We will send a conditional acceptence letter within 1 week of receiving your application. 

Official letter of acceptance will be sent to you once deposit payment is received.

Fall and Spring term intake is available

Please contact us for the tuition fees for the 2020-21 school year. Please note fees are subject to increase for every year .

The fee structure will guide you toward a realistic expectation for the upcoming school year. Our fee breakdown includes the cost of tuition fee and school meals . 

For Turkish Citizens Registration

Application & Registration  to CND can be completed face to face by visiting our school.

Please get an appointment for a meeting  with an Admission Specialist to learn about the details about CND. Call / whatsapp : +90 552  5400223 or live chat

During the registration please provide  language proficiency exam results or certificates ( if available )

Before registration Kindergarten / Primary candidates must get an appointment from the Psychological & Guidance department for an evaluation interview. An appointment is given after meeting with the Admission Specialist .

Please contact us for the tuition fees for the 2020-21 school year. Please note fees are subject to increase every year .

The fee structure will guide you toward a realistic expectation for the upcoming school year. 


  • Scholarships 
  • By entering the  CND Scholarship Tests (these are done on certain dates) and getting the appropriate score a student can get a CND scholarship.

Our Uniforms

Our students should wear uniforms because of our principles of security and equal opportunity. Our uniforms can be bought in two options: the basic package and the full package. Our expectation from the parents is that you definitely get the basic package for our student. In addition to the basic package, you can buy extras of any product you want or you can get the full package prepared for you.

The basic package includes one set each of summer, winter and sports uniforms that the student needs. A variety of t-shirt, sweatshirt and coat options have been added to the full package. You can click on the link below for further details.

Uniform sales are made through our Store at school.

Our expectation from our students is that they come to school on Monday and Friday with collared t-shirts and school trousers / skirts. On other days, they can come to school in sportswear or t-shirt alternatives.

Service Bus and Transportation

The company we partner with in service bus and transportation is: 


Established in 1983.


Our mission is to be an exemplary company with its advanced fleet, trained personnel and use of technology. To ensure that everyone living in our country, regardless of income level, can get  a quality, comfortable, and safe transportation service by pushing the boundaries of the transportation and school service systems.


To bring customer satisfaction to the top by integrating the firsts of the sector with the innovative and ethical management system; being  a reliable service provider and solution partner with parents and students along with becoming a market leader.


Our fleet consists of Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, FIAT Ducato, we serve with 562 vehicles of our own and outsourced buses.


Our drivers;

must have Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Vehicle Usage Certificate. The conditions for obtaining this Certificate are also audited by our company. 

In summary, the documents requested from our Drivers;

Those who are not below the age of 26 and not above 66 years old,

The Service Vehicle Minibus used must have a min. 7-year license and the buses must have min. 5-year license.

They are hired by conducting a Driver License Information Inquiry (especially for the last two months),

Driver's License Criminal Information Inquiry for the last 5 years via e-government (In the last five (5) years, the driver's license has not been taken away more than once due to deliberate negligence, fatal traffic accidents, alcohol driving and violation of speed rules,)

As of the date of application, the Criminal Record Registration for official institutions not exceeding 6 months (Of the drivers who will carry passenger transportation for commercial purposes; Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237 '81. ''82.' '83. '' 86. '' 87. '' 88 ''94.' '95. ''96.' '102.' '103.' '104.' '105.' '106', '107', '108', '109.', '148. '' '149.' '' 179/3. '' 188. '' 190. '' 191 '' 226 '' 227. '' and 5326 Law No. 352 'of the Misdemeanors should not be convicted of the crimes) ,

Those with a Psychotechnical Report that was taken from the centers authorized by the Provincial Health Directorate,

The health report (from doctors who have specialist title), for infectious diseases and eye health and psychiatry, will be required every year from the centers authorized by the Provincial Health Directorate. (must not be dated over a year).

Our Guide Staff (Hostesses);

Must be minimum a high school graduate,

Every year, a report is requested that indicates he-she is suitable for being a service guide staff taken from family doctor,

Criminal Record Registration from official institutions, not exceeding 6 months as of the date of application to work (The drivers who will carry passenger transportation for commercial purposes, the Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237 '81. ''82.' '83. '' 86. '' 87. '' '88. ''94.' '95. ''96.' '102.' '103.' '104.' '105.' '106', '107', '108', '109.', ' 148. '' '149.' '' 179/3. '' 188. '' 190. '' 191. '' 226. '' 227. '' and 5326 are not convicted of crimes in the article '35.'.),

Our Service Vehicles;

Must not be older than 7 years.

'Arvento' vehicle tracking system is available, so you can receive notifications when the vehicle is approaching your home, and you can follow the course of the vehicle the student is in.

Each year apart from Compulsory Traffic Insurance, Personal Accident Seat Insurance, Covering All Seats is made.

Periodic maintenance is regularly done. Weekly the vehicles are disinfected for any type of virus and bacteria .H1N1, Covid-19 etc

In order for us to not make changes during the school year and for us to be able to respond positively, we try to maintain an 85% occupancy rate in our vehicles. We especially ask for our new enrolled foreign students to not change their addresses so that there are no frequent guidance or driver changes during the year. (16 students in vehicles will start the academic year.) 

Our Price Policy and Registration;

We keep our prices according to our quality of service. Starting in July, you can learn the service fees from the school administration and can pay the total yearly amount in 6 installments by credit card, from our web site

https: //, or from our service bureau at the school campus.

To register; after your student's registration to the school, our school administrators will direct you to our service office on the school campus.

You can also pre-register online by sending an e-mail with the name, surname, address and parent information of the student to between 1 June and 15 August.