Cnd Schools
  • We are the only school  in Turkey accredited by Atlantic Education International, Inc. (AEI) Canada and have the right to incorporate New Brunswick’s curriculum into our education program in addition to the Turkish curriculum.
  • By implementing both the  Canadian New Brunswick curriculum  and the Turkish curriculum, we provide opportunity for our students to receive Canadian High School Diploma and Turkish High School Diploma.
  • Benefitting from both the Canadian education system and the Turkish education system, our students are able to draw a comprehensive road map for their university and career choices.
  • Moreover, having been educated in the New Brunswick Canadian curriculum and its elective courses, our students have a competitive advantage when their university applications are evaluated according to Canadian university admissions criteria.
  • To ensure ongoing quality in CND School education, AEI holds annual inspections in addition to training our teachers periodically in professional education seminars. AEI provides guidance in both the way the curriculum is taught and what elective courses students should choose on their way to university.
  • Our school also works full-time with a Canadian advisor appointed by AEI who supervises our teachers and all aspects of the Canadian curriculum.